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-Lime Kiln Point State Park-
Come visit one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Washington. The Lime Kiln Point State Park is known for its rocky shore and powerful pounding waves. Come visit the Lime Kiln Point State Park for amazing scenery. 
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whale splashing

Whales in the area

Located on the rocky bluff of San Juan Island, Lime Kiln Point is one of the best whale watching areas in all of the world. The "pods" of whales migrate through the area, annually every May-September. Humpback, minke whales and killer whales are often sighted in the waters. 

You can takes tours and go out in the ocean to see these massive mammals up close. There are different boat options and even a kayak tour to really get up close to the gentle giants. 

The whales migrate up along the Pacific coast twice a year. They are often spotted in the area because the coast is along their long journey through out the year. Tours often see whole pods of whales migrating. Come watch whales up close at Lime Kiln Point State Park. 


Aside from watching the whale migration, the park is also known for its beautiful and unique rocky shores. One of the most popular attractions to the area is the iconic lighthouse. The lighthouse  has been in use for just over 100 years, being erected in 1919. It still helps guide in ships through the rocky waters. The lighthouse is available for tours during the summer months.

While in the area keep your eyes out for the bald eagles. Washington has one of the highest bald eagle densities in the US. Also look for seals and otters playing in the shallow waters or the shore. Keep an eye out for jumping dolphins in the water, also common to the area.

The park in the early 1900's had a limestone quarry and a giant kiln built of the limestone. So the park is named after the old massive limestone kiln that you can still visit today. Come visit the Lime Kiln Point State Park for a fun and memorable experience for the entire family. 
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